delicate ativism

- a reflective social practice -

A space for practitioners of a Reflective Social Practice to get inspired, refreshed and simultaneously to meet their international community and feel at home.

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What is a Delicate activism?

This practice tries to honor and penetrate into the living and unique contexto of each situation and respond accordingly.

We need to learn that the more we observe, and pay attention, the more we see. The more we see, the more we understand. And the more we understand, the more we can allow life to unfold.

The quality of the attention that we bring to the world changes the world that we live in; we enable the flourishing of the social situations we attend to, by how we attend to them.

The intention of this initiative

This website is a gathering place, a village well, a place that we can draw from and contribute to, where those of us who aspire to practice the art of social change with a radical delicacy, may find a home.

The world reveals itself through us, we reveal ourselves through the world. And all is so elusive, so impossible to hold, because what we hold, what we name, is only what has been, we can never capture the becoming, the aliveness, the process, or ourselves.

We know that when we catch a glimpse of the becoming, we see through to a world that is new. And we know that, to see through the prism of our own reflected-on practice, lightly, is to hold a candle to the dark, and allow the world to breathe once more.

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